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My dream house

I wanted to present my house which I absolutely want to have. Let’s start.
The first room is a gaming room. In the gaming room is a dollhouse and a ball pool and the most important thing is the slide. And last but not least the play wall.
The next room is the bathroom. In the bathroom is a bathtub, a toilet, a table, magical cupboards and three types of shampoo. The carpet is magical too.
The next room is the kitchen. In the kitchen is a long table with a cooker, a water tab, and a small table. The shelves are very colourful.
The next room is a handcrafts room. In the handcraft room you can make very colourful things.
The next room is a bedroom. In the bedroom there is a bed with curtains that close around you while sleeping. Then the bed turns into a fairy tale bed. A person on the bed will tell a story and the one listening will be above the clouds. The person in bed takes place in the story. Up above the clouds there is a magical door. Behind the door you can find any costume you wish for. The tree house up there is for theatre.
The last room in the house is a music room. This music room has got shelves. There are instruments on the shelves. The carpet in the room has four colours. Each colour shows a different task. In the red section you have to stamp your feet. In the orange section you have to clap your hands. In the yellow section you have to whistle. In the green section you have to sing a song. It works best with four friends.

The house has got a big garden. In the garden is a tree. The garden is a magical garden. The tree can speak. Next to the only tree, there are two flowers. Those flowers very special. When someone wants to get rid of his or her feelings, he or she gets a magical drink from the bathroom and speaks his or her feelings into the magic drink. He or she has to shake the magic drink and pour it into the earth around the flowers. His or her feelings grow into a new flower and the feelings are captured in this new flower forever. When the flower gets broken, he or she gets back his or her feelings.

If you want to have privacy, you have the possibility to sleep on the bed, which is located on top of the stairs in the garden. The beautiful thing about this place is, you can sleep directly up under the stars, and you will be there where you always wanted to live.
The house in the garden is full of surprises. You enter the house directly without a door. Now you are wearing transparent shoes. With those shoes you can run fast and you will be the best jumper and you can jump very high.

The power of the magical dream house comes directly from the stars above the bed. You can travel with an UFO to any destination in the world. The clue is, you have to listen to 100 songs, to reach your destination. The universe is so colourful and the stars are so big and glowing.

This is my cat house.

Asya, Koalaklasse